Refugee Claimant Sponsorship Program

Refugee Claimant Sponsorship Program

Many more refugee claimant families arrive in Metro Vancouver than Journey Home is able to assist with housing and support. To address this gap, we launched the Refugee Claimant Sponsorship Program to train and equip churches and groups like yours, to extend a welcoming hand and practical support to those who need it most.

We provide training, and tools needed for successful resettlement of a refugee family. We are seeking partners who will commit to welcoming a family by assisting with housing, orientation, support, and inclusion in your community.

Together, we can help refugee claimant families experience a warm welcome in Canada.

Did you know?

  • "Convention Refugees" arriving in Canada are supported by Government and Private Sponsorship groups. They are helped with housing and supports to promote healthy integration.
  • "Refugee claimants" (asylum seekers) do not receive these same supports. They follow complicated resettlement pathways and often have to find their own way through complex government systems to obtain basic resources, permission to work, and protection in Canada. They are a vulnerable group within our society that benefits greatly from support and accompaniment.
  • It is projected that more than 2000 refugee claimants will arrive in Metro Vancouver in 2017. Many of the newest refugee claimant arrivals are currently homeless and living in temporary locations (shelters or hotels).
  • In this program, Journey Home Community partners with your group to help these refugees, who are already in Canada. We provide the training and coaching for your group. Your group provides the support for the refugee family.
  • Refugee Claimants are able to access basic provincial shelter and income support. This means that the cost of sponsoring a refugee claimant family for one year is significantly less than Canada's Privately Sponsored Refugee Program.
  • Groups that provide refugee families a welcome through active support and ongoing friendship promote their healthy settlement and integration in Canada.

United Way of the Lower MainlandDo you want to learn more? For information or to schedule a no obligation conversation, please contact .

We appreciate the United Way of the Lower Mainland for partially funding this program through the Developing a Culture of Welcome Program.